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CTR Writers Make Opening Round Playoff Predictions

The high school football playoffs start tomorrow, and predictions are a-plenty. At CTR, we’re excited to have all six Chandler high schools involved in the playoffs at some level, and while we don’t officially cover Seton Catholic and Valley Christian (yet), we’re rooting for their success in the division 3, and 4 playoffs.

Can any other major city in the Phoenix metro claim all their schools made the playoffs? Nope. You have to respect that.

Most of the local media experts have already picked their D1 champions. With Richard Obert (Mountain Pointe), Kyle Odegard (Brophy), Mark Heller (Hamilton), Scott Bordow (Hamilton), Jared Cohen (Brophy) and many others weighing in on the tournament, our writers, and an anonymous East Valley Athletic Director, have decided to take it one step at a time, and make first round predictions regarding the games involving CUSD schools.

Jerry Blackwell (Staff Writer, Hamilton Football)

(14) Highland at (3) Hamilton:  Hamilton 35 – Highland 7
Defense will shut them down, and offense will get the job done.
(11) Basha at (6) Desert Vista:  Basha 21 – Desert Vista 24
(13) Chandler at (4) Brophy: Chandler 28 – Brophy 35
D2- (10) Perry at (7) Chaparral:  Perry 14 – Chaparral 28

Fabian Ardaya (Student Beat Reporter/Features, Chandler Wolves)

(14) Highland at (3) Hamilton:  Hamilton 35 – Highland 14
Hamilton has been there, done that in the playoffs. Huskies are the hottest team right now, and they’ll prove it.
(11) Basha at (6) Desert Vista:  Basha 17 – Desert Vista 21 
Nate Phillips gives Basha something that DV hasn’t seen yet, but the Thunder should dominate the line of scrimmage as they have against most teams this year.
(13) Chandler at (4) Brophy: Chandler 28 – Brophy 24
UPSET ALERT. The Wolves explosive offense finally shows up for all 4 quarters, and the defense bends, but doesn’t break.
D2- (10) Perry at (7) Chaparral:  Perry 31 – Chaparral 28
Perry’s “Team first” concept works, and Reggie Blader does everything. ‘Nuff said.

Emma Tittsworth (Student Staff Writer, Chandler Wolf)

(14) Highland at (3) Hamilton:  Hamilton 44 – Highland 26
Easy win.
(11) Basha at (6) Desert Vista:  Basha 37 – Desert Vista 32
The Bears have the defense- If their offense keeps it up they’ll win.
(13) Chandler at (4) Brophy: Chandler 37 – Brophy 34
We’re ready on offense and defense- we just need to avoid penalties and personal fouls.
D2- (10) Perry at (7) Chaparral:  Perry 33 – Chaparral 25
Perry has potential on offense.- they just need to push themselves this game

Kwaku Asare (Student Beat Reporter/Features, Perry Pumas)

(14) Highland at (3) Hamilton:  Hamilton 20 – Highland 3
The Husky offense can’t be stopped, PERIOD.
(11) Basha at (6) Desert Vista:  Basha 6 – Desert Vista 17
They won state last year, and they’ll want to do it again. Basha’s D will keep them under 20 though.
(13) Chandler at (4) Brophy: Chandler 21 – Brophy 28
Brophy’s QB/WR duo is too tough to stop.
D2- (10) Perry at (7) Chaparral:  Perry 14 – Chaparral 10
I just want an upset.

Dom Cotroneo (Student Beat Reporter/Features, Basha Bears)

(14) Highland at (3) Hamilton:  Hamilton 34 – Highland 10
I’m sorry but the Hawks simply stand no chance at Loper even though they had one of the toughest schedules this season. The Huskies will dominate.
(11) Basha at (6) Desert Vista:  Basha 48 – Desert Vista 42
Look, in the playoffs, seeds are nothing but a number. The Bears will win this game in an explosion of points between teams. Basha’s high powered pass-attack vs Thunder’s intense run-game. Bears pull off the upset.
(13) Chandler at (4) Brophy: Chandler 17 – Brophy 28
Chandler is a good team, but have struggled against teams ranked much higher. When I say struggled, they haven’t even been close with Hamilton and Desert Vista, but if they play like they did against Mountain Pointe, expect a close game.
D2- (10) Perry at (7) Chaparral:  Perry 13 – Chaparral 31
Perry has had the short end of the stick back-to-back years by opening up the playoffs against the Firebirds. Chap is definitely not as high-caliber as we are used to this season, but the Pumas lack the depth and variety necessary to pull off this upset.

Mystery A.D.

(14) Highland at (3) Hamilton:  Hamilton 44 – Highland 14
Hamilton shows they are focused on bringing the state title back to South C-Town and win BIG.
(11) Basha at (6) Desert Vista:  Basha 35 – Desert Vista 31
Basha finds a way to control the tempo, plays faster than DV would like to and get the upset.
(13) Chandler at (4) Brophy: Chandler 38 – Brophy 35
Brophy hasn’t played a close game since Labor Day. Chandler’s tough schedule and close game experience pay off here, and the Wolves prevail.
D2- (10) Perry at (7) Chaparral:  Perry 24 – Chaparral 42
Chaparral is too skilled, and is playing too well right now for Perry.

Feel free to add first round predictions below, and you can always contact us at ctownrivals@gmail.com.

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  1. I agree with ALL explanations except for Doms on the Perry game. He says Perry lack depth- thats so false. Blader and Lewis as backs with Brickous to provide support, three QBs that can all make the big play, then as receivers there is Mitch Harris, Kyle Huckaby, Lane Veach to add good height, Aguirre, and many others. Defense is holding their own along with getting INTs and fumble recoveries, all the while substituting players left and right to get the right matchups. They dont stick with the same 11 guys on D all game. I respect the opinion on the prediction Dom, but saying Perry laxks depth is far from true

  2. I see your Blader and Brickous points-or do I? In Perry V Basha we saw 1 play all game long. Parson or Nightengale in shotgun, call Aguirre in motion from the slot, hand the ball to Lewis and only Lewis…where is the depth! Yes, it’s one game, but your QBs threw for 4 picks…what is it about my opinion pieces that bring on so much angst towards my opinion?

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